How to increase the frequentation of a restaurant with digitalization? Increasing frequentation of the restaurant is a question that concentrates the attention of many chefs and restaurateurs. Solutions exist, and the digitization of your restaurant is certainly an effective and suitable choice. Why and how does digitalization increase attendance at a restaurant? The […]

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How to increase your margin in catering? A simple and fast solution! Increasing its margin in catering concentrates the attention of many restaurateurs. If the recipes for achieving this are well known, there is now an effective and easy-to-use tool to achieve it, so why deprive yourself of it any longer? More customers in your restaurant, […]

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Good resolution n ° 1: increase the frequentation of your restaurant Traditionally devoted to good resolutions, this beginning of the year 2020 could mark the realization of one of your dearest ambitions: increase the frequentation of your restaurant. Between MIAP and the events to be organized, the solutions exist so discover them! The entire MIAP team wishes you a […]

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