Time, a precious asset to optimize attendance at your restaurant

You know it better than anyone, your customers are more and more pressed on a daily basis. So to optimize attendance at your restaurant, you must take into account this time management. But how can you save time without spending more? Miap brings you a simple, effective and innovative answer.

Stand out from other restaurants, a solution to attract new customers

Looking to optimize attendance at your restaurant, and you have listed multiple solutions to reach a new typology of customers. Increase the number of prospects, who decide to eat at your establishment, or retain guests who already know your expertise, these are two of the great marketing options available to you. Combining these two areas of development represents the best possible strategy, but whether it is recruiting new customers or optimal retention of your regulars, you will also need fight against the actions of competition.  Because many other professionals seek to optimize the frequentation of their restaurant, and the key to your success goes through a demarcation of your point of sale and a well thought out strategy.

Discovering the expectations of potential customers

Although the word of mouth is always an effective solution to increase the loyalty of your establishment, increase the average basket, or ensure the success of your prospecting, you also need to analyze consumers' expectations precisely. Booking a table in a restaurant must meet multiple criteria, and it is up to you to target these in order to increase the turnover of your establishments.

At a time when time has become one of the rarest and therefore most precious goods, all restaurateurs seek to offer a more pleasant customer experience by reducing waiting time. Less waiting to discover the establishment's menu, less time for a server to be available to take the order, less waiting to be able to pay the bill,…. And even if you have explained your strategy and your efforts on your website or on your social networks, the customers will judge the outcome of your action on the basis of documents. With Miap, therefore, offer your customers the possibility of ordering their own meals, after they have been able to read the full extent of your card in complete peace of mind.

When saving time also saves money by helping to optimize restaurant attendance


  Flash a QR Code on a table, this is a simple gesture that will save time for your customers of the day. They can browse the map without being stressed by traditional order taking, and customer satisfaction is already the basis of your decision to trust Miap. Even loyal customers discover the dish of the day, promotions and new dishes on your menu, a effective solution to increase the average basket.


  Attract the most urgent customers but also those who are addicted to new technologies, this is an ideal mission for Miap, which helps to streamline the customer journey and optimize the experience of each of your hosts. By helping you develop your turnover, Miap appeals to customers as well as restaurateurs, and you stand out significantly from the competition. So you are on the verge of making the right decision by adopting Miap in your establishment, so don't waste any more time and opt for the innovative solution to optimize attendance at your restaurant.