Second phase of deconfinement: why digital restoration is so attractive?

Reopening time has come

This Thursday, May 28 at 5 p.m., the Prime Minister Edouard Phillipe took the floor to announce the new measures for this second phase of deconfinement. Among these measures, one was particularly expected:  the reopening of bars and restaurants but under certain restrictions. These latter, closed since March 15, have undergone heavy losses linked to spontaneous and unanticipated closure. This caused thenet cessation of their activity, a complete upheaval in the supply chain and some have not gone far from closing their doors. 

If the State is today trying to find the best compromise for these restaurants, it also comes to lovers of gastronomy to show their support and to become loyal customers concerned about the well-being of catering. 

However, the pandemic will have highlighted new innovations like for example the click & collect which seems to be the new trend. Restaurateurs looking to combine health efficiency and responsibility let themselves be seduced and today Miap has more than 60 restaurants partners with a satisfaction rate of 100%. "What does Miap seemed very logical to us. This application is now of very great interest both for restaurateurs and for customers and contactless takes on its full meaning. »David Fontenais, founder of the restaurant MAKITO.

The pandemic has challenged our consumption patterns

According to Phillipe Moati, economist at the University of Paris and co-founder of the Observatory on Society and Consumption, " e-commerce is the big winner of this crisis and more, it's food e-commerce. ” Indeed, online food purchases have exploded and many new customers who were not used to eating like this have been seduced by the side practical, innovative and sanitary wise.

Towards digital tourism?

The Prime Minister stressed theimportance of reopening arms and restaurants by stipulating that they constitute "a part of our art of living". No wonder in a country where 64% of French people go to restaurants at least once a month. This is where the solution Miap intervenes: allow consumers to have a new restaurant experience. An experience that does not change the past pleasures of regulars in restaurants, but which now saves them time and reduces the risk of contamination. In addition, on the restaurant side, a relief than not having to train new servers on the restrictions concerning social distancing and gestures to adopt. 

This is why the trend is taking shape and today it is the tourism sector as a whole which is thinking of a digital transition for summer 2020. The solution Miap is therefore not limited to bars and restaurants but also appeals to hotels, especially for the room service or even campsites with the snack bars. 


Restaurant owners turn to digital menu for recovery


The application miap, actor pioneer in digitalization of the offer For here and to go in the CHR sector, offers 2 months of free access to its digital solution for take-away sales. This solidarity action available until June 5 aims tosupport the catering industry andhotel during this recovery period in the adaptation of their services in order to respond to new expectations of the French.

Contactless payment and click & collect take over and reassure consumers

Standardization of contactless payment and click & collect results from the changing expectations and consumption patterns of French post-containment:

  • 41% of French people are concerned about the sanitary measures deployed by professionals to protect their customers and their staff(source: Society and Consumption Observatory). The respect of sanitary measures by professionals becomes a determining factor for the attractiveness of your restaurant as well as customer satisfaction.

Miap supports you to meet these new expectations related to contactless, by digitizing your service on site and to take away.