Adapt your business model and limit health risks with our digital solution for restaurants, bars and hotels. 

1 MONTH FREE | offer valid until July 14, 2020

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  • Installation in 48 hours
  • Make additional sales with our takeout option
  • Digitization of Your card for our care
  • Configuration and translations in 6 languages included 
  • Integration of the solution on your website and your Facebook page   
  • Updating your card in real time
  • Payment module integrated
  • Without commission

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How does our digital solution for

They trust us

3 good reasons to choose our digital solution for restaurants, bars and hotels

1- Reassure your customers from a health point of view and protect your employees!

The behavior and habits of your consumers have changed with this pandemic. Contactless payment is growing rapidly and is becoming the norm. MIAP offers you the opportunity to equip yourself to meet the needs of your customers. 

2- Capture additional sales

Miap allows you to increase your average ticket by around 25% by optimizing your service: no more waiting times, rushes, you save time! Share your communication campaigns within your community but also that of Miap!

3- Limit your operating costs!

Miap is a flexible solution: it will allow you to gain efficiency by optimizing your costs, while remaining agile in the face of a flow of customers which is likely to be variable and uncertain. Time is money: save time with Miap!