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Menu QR code, order and payment custom for hotels and restaurants

A pinch of digital for an exceptional service

Miap offers digital menu and online ordering solutions that are intuitive and ergonomic to satisfy your customers and make their experience remarkable.

From solutions of digital menus via QR codes for restaurantsto digital ordering for room service of hotels.All of our services are simplified and optimized to provide a gain of time for your teams.

Stimulating the services of more than 400 of the best brands of hotels and restaurants of Europe

Improve your branding with a QR code solution custom-made and tailored to your needs.

Digital Menu

Accessible via QR code
Available on tablet
Compatible with social networks
Compatible for printing
Multi-experience collection

Custom Design
Ergonomic & intuitive

Online ordering

On table service
At counter service
Click & collect
Room service

Optimized to increase your average ticket
Integrated to your usual tools

Compatible with your social networks

Mobile Payment

QR code billing
Payment in advance
Digital restaurant vouchers
Payment by Cheque Vacances ANCV
Mode Direct Wire possible

No commission
Simplified accounting

Loyalty system

système digital hotel

Client File
Loyalty programs
Promotion by SMS and Push notification
Recommendations & suggestions via an Artificial Intelligence

Flexible according to your needs
Autonomous configuration
In-depth Reporting to the Monitoring

100% partners satisfied.

BaoB. Fusion Food
Takeaway and click & collect

Carnival Coffee. Brewery
Menu digital and order at the table

Installation by a dedicated team to your business.

Our team of designers takes care of customize your menu digital respecting your graphic charter and your design.

Our operational team enters your menu and ensures that your orders arrive on your usual tools (a printer, a dedicated tablet, or cash register).

We set all modes of payment that you have used to collect cash, bank cards, tickets, restaurants, holiday vouchers...

We accompany you on the implementation of the loyalty system the most suitable to your offers to attract customers and loyalty in an automated way.

Solution intuitive and ergonomic.

A professional interface uncluttered and intuitive for an optimal management of your cards and menus.

Your built-in controls on your management tools (tablets, printers or directly in your cash system).

The management of your accounts is easy with our dedicated module (generation of Excel, calculation of ratios...).

Your customer database is accessed at any time in a dashboard dedicated to it.

QR Code chevalet Miap

Get a solution that suits your ambitions.

Go ahead and transform your customer experience with a solution of menu QR code and order online designed to make you stand out from the competition, which deploys more cards on a PDF and QR codes generic, low-range and non-personalized.

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