Order and pay in 30 seconds in your favorite restaurants and bars

Save time and enjoy special offers

With Miap you will have a better experience in restaurants and bars!

  • Waiting time before ordering can be long, especially during rush hours 
  • You usually don't know what to choose on the menu 
  • You are not rewarded for your loyalty!
  • No need to wait for the waiter! Order and pay from your smartphone in 30 seconds and cut the queue. 
  • Know what to choose thanks to pictures, ingredients, nutritional facts and rating for each dish of the menu 
  • You gain loyalty points and get discounts!


Access the digital menus of your favorite restaurants!

Check the menu of the place before you go there and be sure to meet your expectations! The whole menu is online, with pictures and reviews from previous consumers.

With Miap, having a drink and eating a bite with friends or colleagues is a moment of assured pleasure!

Choose what to eat and order in 1 click !

Once there, you just have to scan the QR code available on your table to access the digital menu where you can see pictures, ingredients and ratings for each dish. You can then make your selection and send your order in just a few clicks!

You can get your food faster and avoid any mistakes in the order!

Save time when paying for your order.

You can pay directly with your Miap app when you place your order. 

Fill in your payment method and do not waste time waiting for the bill!

Be rewarded for your loyalty.

You earn Miaps for every order and every rating you give. Those Miaps will give you discounts that you can use at any time in your favorite places.

Receive personnamized offers and invitations to events and never miss an opportunity to go out for a drink or share a meal with friends.

You manage a ?

Offer a unique experience to your customers and increase your average bill! We give you support to digitize your menu and optimize your service!

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