What is Miap?

Miap is a free mobile application (available via browser or on the Apple / Google stores - IOS and Android) which allows consumers in restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs to order and pay directly via their smartphones without any waiting and without queuing.

Why use Miap?

Save time: no more queuing or trying to attract the waiter.
Access a range of restaurants: discover new restaurants, bars, cafes.
See your loyalty rewarded: the application becomes your new digital loyalty card.

How? 'Or' What it market ?

To be able to order with Miap it is necessary to create an account either when ordering or before. In all cases, the restaurant menus are accessible to everyone. Once the customer is seated at his table, he will only have to access the application and flash the QR code on his table to have access to the restaurant menu. When the customer is on the restaurant menu, he can choose what he wants to consume: snack, starter, main course, dessert, etc. and he can even put a comment to the server (the cooking requested, removing a certain food from a dish etc.). Finally for the order to be sent and taken into account, the customer must enter his credit card. From this moment, the order arrives on the professional office pack, the restaurant team only has to validate it and the waiter can place the order.

Why the logo of a cat and the name Miap?

Why the logo of a cat:

Autonomy, Speed, Independence, Social ties, Royalty (Egyptian mythology), Appetite and desire for a tailor-made service

Why the name Miap:

In reference to the values carried by cats, we wanted a name which phonetically resembles a cat's meow and which also refers to a known phonetic that we all pronounce before feasting on a good drink or a good dish: Yum Yum!

Ending the name with P is a reference to the abbreviation “App” (short for Application).

Finally, we wanted a name with international phonetics and simple to be easily memorable.

What do you sell ?

Miap finances itself by selling services for establishments (restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels) and event organizers (parties, festivals) in order to optimize their services and improve the experience of their customers.

What types of restaurants and dishes can I order on Miap?

The establishments targeted by the MIAP revolution are quite large bars and brasseries, possibly with terraces; restaurants that have a good reputation and that have been tested and approved by team members (professionals in the restaurant industry); clubs that provide table service and need digital support to improve the experience of their customers.

Does the app only offer restaurants?

No, the app also offers bars, brasseries and clubs. Occasionally, the Miap team provides service at parties organized by our partners in order to reduce the wait at the bar and offer a unique experience to party-goers.

How do I pay?

You just have to pay online on the app.

Where can I find restaurants that use this app?

For the moment you can find restaurants in Paris and Bordeaux. The restaurants are offered directly on the application.

Will I pay more using the Miap app?

No, there is no additional charge when using the Miap app.

Is the restaurant menu often updated on the Miap app?

The restaurant owner is responsible for updating his menu whenever he wants.

Can I order in advance?

No, not at the moment but we are currently working on this feature.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

No, once the order has been paid, there is no longer the possibility of canceling or modifying the order.

Is the tip included in the app?

Yes, you can do this directly in the app when you place your order. You can also tip the waiter in cash.

Can I use the app in offline mode?

No, Internet is required in order to be able to connect.

How to contact Miap in the event of a problem?

You can contact us from your profile page on the application or by email at the following address at info@miap.co.

Restaurant owners faq

What can the application do for me?

Miap takes the lead: Miap allows a more efficient rotation of the service.

Miap builds customer loyalty: a satisfied customer is a customer who comes back and brings people back with him.

Miap takes the strain off the waiters: they can concentrate on other tasks.

Miap increases turnover: customers allow themselves to take more products because the service is faster and they have more time.

How can my school reach Miap?

Becoming a Miap partner restaurant is easy. All you need to do is complete this form and you will be contacted by our sales team. You will soon benefit from better visibility, customer loyalty and will also be part of our exclusive circle of quality partners.

How does a partnership with Miap work?

We take care of everything! All you have to do is cook and we take care of the orders and payment. So you have more time to welcome and pamper your customers.

Do I have to take care of the payment?

We take care of that for you! Customers pay directly on our app when ordering, which means they've already paid before you even start picking.

Can I easily manage my establishment's card?

Miap digitizes your card. You have free access to:

  • hide the availability of a product;
  • add a new product to the card;
  • promote and describe the products of your establishment;
  • highlight your additional products.

Your customers consult your updated menu in real time via the Miap application, and send their order to the kitchen with just a few clicks. Miap guarantees you a successful first contact with your customers.

The little extra: Miap is responsible for translating your card into all languages.

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