Our history

Spring 2017: after a hard day's work, two young engineers want to relax over a drink. Unfortunately, the bar is crowded, and this initiative ends in twenty minutes of waiting and frustration during which all conceivable gestures of distress, to attract the attention of the waiter, were ineffective. 

To pass the time, everyone had the reflex to take out their smartphone. So they had a great idea: what if just one click on it was enough for the order, as fast and light as a cat, to reach the bar directly?

Aware of the issues faced by consumers, restaurateurs and bartenders and based on this experience common to all, Ryadh and Sofien then embarked on the development of Miap, the feline messenger.

This mischievous companion, soon to be found on all smartphones, is about to revolutionize the traditional ordering method: much less waiting, no mess, cards accessible in all languages, a system of gifts and loyalty, in short, doubled efficiency for managers and total satisfaction for users!

Our values

More digital for more people: Coming from engineering, business and design schools, we sincerely believe that technology can allow restaurateurs and waiters to get closer to their customers by freeing themselves from the constant stress of taking orders and forgetting to collect. Thus, backed by technological support, servers will be able to devote more time to their customers and advise them during their orders without worrying about errors and omissions.

Digital for a better planet: the annual food waste of a restaurant serving 500 guests on average 200 days a year amounts to 20,000 tonnes (or 40,000 € of discarded products). We are convinced that with the appropriate digital tools like Miap, restaurateurs will be able to optimize their ordering processes in order to reduce food waste and define menus that take into account the available resources and the desires of their customers.

The pleasure of catering for all: today many people cannot afford a good meal at a restaurant or a drink with friends for economic reasons. We are certain that with the active collaboration of catering professionals, Miap will be able to allow everyone to enjoy a good meal or a good drink by distributing discounts and special offers defined by the managers of establishments.

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