Digitize your bar, hotel or restaurant and improve your customers' experience with Miap

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a crowded bar for a drink or something to eat and having to wait a long time to get the waiter's attention and order. This is where Miap comes in, allowing restaurants and hotels to optimize their service and offer a better experience to customers. With 9 out of 10 French who use their phone at the table, Miap appeals to regulars in restaurants in Paris, Bordeaux and Lisbon. By focusing on the needs of restaurateurs, Miap offers reception establishments a complete solution for digitizing orders and payments in order toincrease the average ticket and D'improve service. And this while offering a loyalty program built from an artificial intelligence module. Through this program, customers are encouraged to return with offers and discounts based on their own consumption habits.

Digitize to increase restaurant traffic, speed up service and optimize productivity

Miap is a flexible solution which allows restaurants toimprove their efficiency by optimizing costs, while remaining flexible and agile during the current period when customer flows are variable and uncertain. In addition, the contactless payment is growing rapidly and becoming more and more the norm. Restaurants can therefore increase the value of their average ticket of around 25% simply by optimizing service and in reducing considerably le waiting time. "We have installed Miap in our 9 establishments to ensure recovery post Covid-19. We had already considered digitization before the crisis and it definitively validated our convictions on the subject. The Miap team was attentive and managed to set up the process and trained our teams in record time. They brought us a complete solution ranging from Click and Collect at the table service. I congratulate them for their adaptation to our organization spread over several sites ”Slime Ben Cheikh, Founder of the franchise PB Braised Chicken. Miap is a free mobile app which allows customers to access a digital menu simply by scanning the QR code on the table. The menu is offered in different languages with detailed information on each dish including pictures but also the ingredients, calories, preparation time as well as comments from previous customers.
The client can include a comment to the server directly through the app (how he wants to cook his meat, the ingredients he wants to remove from the dish etc.) before ordering and requesting additional information. Servers can dedicate more time to advise customers when ordering without worrying about errors and omissions. Once the drinks and / or dishes are chosen, consumers can order and pay in 30 seconds via their smartphone. Once validated, the server brings the order to the table. A digital loyalty card is also integrated into the application, it rewards customers each time they order with Miap and leave a comment on their experience. The digital menus give restaurateurs the possibility to modify them instantly according to customer comments while optimizing costs and processes.

Compatible with Star hardware

In terms of computer hardware, the Miap software is compatible with the Star printer TSP654II CloudPRNT ™ and more recently with the compact and elegant Star series mC-Print ™ which offers up to 5 software interfaces as well as innovative cloud technologies capable of controlling certain USB devices from different devices with or without cable. Thanks to the unique functionality and multiple interfaces for POS, the series mC-Print ™ not only ensures the future of your business but also meets the needs of a rapidly changing multi-channel environment. With technology CloudPRNT host establishments can integrate a flexible ordering system to seamlessly integrate online shopping into their offering, while eliminating the need for an additional tablet to send an order to the printer. Thus, the order service will be able to communicate directly with the printer to make prints and know the status of the latter.
Among satisfied B2B customers using Miap and technology CloudPRNT of Star, there is the chain of restaurants PokeMe, independent restaurants Egg Factory in Paris, makito in Bordeaux and Therapist in Lisbon.