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Takeout Order-Miap

Deconfinement interview with James, Co-founder of the restaurant Bao.B We were able to exchange with James, co-founder of the restaurant BAO.B, on the recovery since June 2 and what our collaboration born during confinement brings him on a daily basis. BAO.B is a concept of burgers with flavors that draw their inspiration from Asian and world cuisine. Of […]

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Take out order

Deconfinement interview with David Fontenay, Co-founder of the Makito restaurant We were able to discuss with David Fontenay, co-founder of the Makito restaurant, on the recovery since June 2 and what our collaboration of almost 1 year now brings him on a daily basis. Makito is a concept which consists in assembling the ingredients of Japanese sushi […]

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The village By CA

The village by CA opens its doors to MIAP! After two intense months: Websummit, merger with Heywaiter, several openings in Paris, Bordeaux and Lisbon, MIAP confirms its development by integrating the 2020 promotion of the Village by CA Aquitaine! The Village by CA Aquitaine will naturally be a vector of growth for MIAP, being established since its […]

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Heywaiter and Miap merge to offer European restaurants and consumers a complete solution for order digitization, payment and loyalty in bars and restaurants Stronger together! A merger that will conquer the European market 2 times faster. Heywaiter and Miap are two competing start-ups based in Lisbon and [...]

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