Interview with the manager of "L'inspiration", behind the scenes of the chic bistro of the 15th arrondissement!

Introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Lavan, I am manager of L'inspiration, a French brasserie in Paris. I started working in the restaurant business 20 years ago, and today I manage four establishments, one of which is in collaboration with my brother. They specialize in French gastronomy and international cuisine.

What are the particularities of your establishment?

Our establishment has the distinction of mixing a gastronomic cuisine with noble products, and the conviviality of a bistro. Guests can eat refined dishes in a very cozy atmosphere.

Which dish do you prefer in your establishment?

The dish I like most about Inspiration is "the risotto of Saint Jacques saffron". It is a dish that assembles an Italian specialty, and Saint-Jacques is the noble food of French gastronomy, without forgetting the touch of saffron. I think it works well.

In general what is your culinary preference and which drink makes you want it the most?

I really like kitchens everywhere, and I'm very sensitive to Indian cuisine because of the mix of flavors, spices, and the ability to marry foods and strong condiments. This allows me not only to vary my culinary tastes, and especially to discover other ways to do so to inspire me. I accompany all this most often with a glass of red wine from the Rhone, or a very fresh rosé on a terrace when it is hot.

Which restaurant in Paris would you recommend?

I have a panel of places where I can eat quality meals with a very flexible and affordable price. But without hesitation, my choice immediately goes to the restaurant "Indian House" in the 14th district of Paris. I feel good, the service is warm, and the food is delicious. I enjoy every time I go there.

With regard to the Miap application, why did you decide to test it in your establishment?

Miap is a novelty. It is a revolutionary application, which gives a new declination to the catering service. It's also a new way for us to make money fast. I absolutely wanted to be among the first restaurant owners to be part of the digitalization of restaurants, and test it despite the assumptions.

What benefits has Miap brought to your customers?

My clients are quite satisfied for now. Most of them have the feeling of being waiters, with the difference that they are seated and that they do not have to get up to get their orders. They are even more happy since the restaurant has extended the one-hour happy hour for all orders made via Miap. They are very excited