The village by CA opens its doors to MIAP!


After two intense months: Websummit, merger with Heywaiter, several openings in Paris, Bordeaux and Lisbon, MIAP confirms its development by integrating the 2020 promotion of the Village by CA Aquitaine!

The Village by CA Aquitaine will naturally be a vector of growth for MIAP, being established since its origin in Bordeaux. Proof of this is, with these new offices, we welcomed 2 new recruits in January 2020.

The Village by CA allows start-ups to mix with innovative companies and benefit from the proximity of major partners. The ecosystem of the Village helps young companies in the implementation of their solutions and in commercial success. Supported by the Crédit Agricole Group, it helps to serve the economic development of the regions.

Since the opening of the Village in 2017, we have supported 44 startups which have raised € 17.5 million and generated € 800,000 in turnover on average / start-up. In addition, they have enabled the hiring of more than 260 people! The potential of the 13 new recruits will undoubtedly accelerate these figures already full of growth ", Lists Florent Merit, "Mayor" of the Village by CA Aquitaine since last September.

MIAP fits perfectly with the values of the Crédit Agricole group, through anchoring in the regions and opening up to the world.

Ryadh Saadaoui, CEO MIAP: “ We are proud to be part of this new promotion within the Village by CA Aquitaine. Beyond our initial roots in Bordeaux, we intend to develop throughout the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and even all of France in 2020. We are certain that the Village will bring us the weapons necessary to shine in this beautiful region! "

Miap is a Franco-Portuguese start-up founded by Sofien Ben Abdallah, Stéphanie Lengelé, Sylvain Moreau and Ryadh Saadaoui, already implemented in more than 15 establishments in Paris and Bordeaux. Miap is now also developing in Portugal, in Lisbon.

Miap focuses on the needs of restaurateurs and consumers. Whether in bars, restaurants or hotels, Miap is a complete solution for digitize the order and payment in order to increase the average ticket and optimize the service, while offering a loyalty program built via an artificial intelligence module. So for customers, no more hand gestures to call the waiter, waiting for the card or the bill and waiting in line: the customer takes power and becomes master of his time by ordering and paying independently with his smartphone! 

MIAP therefore allows to have high quality digital menus which will help customers in their choice of order, thus helping establishments to instantly modify their menu online and to improve it continuously thanks to the comments of the customers. Once their drinks or dishes have been chosen, customers can order and pay in 30 seconds via their smartphone. The application also integrates a digitized loyalty card which rewards the customer each time he orders with Miap and each time he leaves a comment on his experience. Customers can also discover new establishments by consulting the menu, comments on each dish and prices from their home.

Miap is already present in Paris, Bordeaux and Lisbon, it intends to become the reference platform in Europe for digitizing bars, restaurants and hotels.

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