Hello the miapeurs ...

The national holiday is fast approaching !!! Another opportunity to go out, have fun and have a good time alone, with friends or family. This is clearly the ideal day to quench your thirst, relax and focus on something much more relaxing and especially partying.

If you are in Paris, and until then you still did not know what to do during this day, we offer a lot of great places, appropriate and fun according to your desires.


Paris by night 

At the top of the Champs Elysées theater, the Maison Blanche restaurant is transformed every Saturday evening from 00:30 to 05:30 in the morning into a hype club: the Montaigne club, a real KILLER. On the occasion of the National Day, this beautiful place with a breathtaking view over the rooftops of Paris, will turn into an open nightclub in the evening of 13 to 14 July. In addition, to access it, it is not difficult at all! Free invitations are downloadable on their website and valid until 4am. Do not delay the miapeurs, take your tickets and spend an evening of madness.


After sick

Everything happens on the docks of Austerlitz where the edge of the Seine becomes a mini festival. The Wonderlust brings together a large number of young Parisian revelers on its 1600 m2 terrace on the occasion of July 14th. It welcomes all those who want to let off steam on the dance floor on a variety of music combining hiphop, R & B, Dance all, etc. There is something for everyone, the atmosphere is at the rendezvous.

The Afropunk festival

The party all weekend 

 Introduced in Paris 4 years ago, the Afro Punk Festival is an annual event that pays homage to Afro cult culture. On the musical Seine of Boulogne-Billancourt, it is a live gathering that includes live music, cinema, fashion and all types of works of art produced by Afro artists. cultural events of the weekend not to be missed.

       Fairy chew

The open air 

Fairy Chew, the association of music enthusiasts that brings together various professional and artistic events and organizes an open-air on the occasion of the National Day. She invites for that pisica for a new and innovative format. A 100% French micro & house program with the program: various animations, such as Food trucks & drink trucks for a 13-hour non-stop sound event. The miap team participated last year, and it assures you that the atmosphere is really at the rendezvous.

 Steps of Sacred Heart Church 


Fireworks !!! who has never been dazzled by this show? it is the moment when the feeling of magic invades us and one says oneself "ohhh, it is too too beautiful". To attend this show, you often need an idyllic and relaxing setting like the steps of the sacred heart. This is really the ideal place to let the magic of light operate from the steps