Heywaiter and Miap merge to offer restaurant owners and consumers in Europe a complete solution for order digitization, payment and loyalty in bars and restaurants

Stronger together! A merger that will conquer the European market 2 times faster.

Heywaiter and Miap are two competing start-ups based in Lisbon and Paris, respectively, who have developed a similar concept, but with two different and complementary visions.

At the Websummit in Lisbon on November 6, 2019, these two start-ups meet and the agreement is immediate. Quickly, they understand the obvious synergies that a merger would bring. Indeed, the founders of Heywaiter, Stéphanie Lengelé and Sylvain Moreau have extensive professional experience in marketing and have focused on digitizing menus in restaurants to provide a better customer experience. This B2C approach consists of a free application that allows access to the digital menu of an establishment via its smartphone in multiple languages and with detailed information for each dish, to facilitate the choice of customers when ordering. This information includes photos, ingredients, calories, preparation time, notes and comments from previous customers for each dish.

Miap is a French start-up founded by Sofien Ben Abdallah and Ryadh Saadaoui already implemented in 15 institutions in Paris and Bordeaux. Miap focused on the needs of restaurant owners and therefore an effective B2B approach. They offer bars, restaurants and hotels a complete solution for digitize order and payment to increase their average ticket and optimize service, while offering a loyalty program built via an artificial intelligence module. Thus for the customers, finished the gestures of the hand to call the waiter, the expectations for the card or the addition and the queue at the cash desk: the customer takes the power and becomes master of his time by ordering and paying in a autonomous way with his smartphone!

MIAP 2.0, the platform resulting from the merger will therefore make it possible to high quality digital menus which will help customers in their choice of order, thus helping establishments to instantly modify their menu online and to improve it continuously thanks to the comments of the customers. Once their drinks or dishes have been chosen, customers can order and pay in 30 seconds via their smartphone. The application also integrates a digitized loyalty card which rewards the customer each time they order with Miap and each time they leave a comment on their experience. Customers can also discover new establishments by looking at the map, comments on each course and prices from home. Once there, he commands at the speed of light!

Miap 2.0 is already present in Paris, Bordeaux and Lisbon and armed with its international team, it intends to become the reference platform in Europe for digitizing bars, restaurants and hotels.

For more information, find us on www.miap.co but also on: