As manager of a very busy restaurant, I learned to be versatile and responsive to ensure the best possible tasks:

Ensure the smooth running of the service

Build loyalty and develop customer

Control the menus and the products by being effective as to the flow of the stock of products

Participate in all operations, from the customer reception to the collection

Organize the work of his team so that all these points are also considered by the staff.

Sometimes I felt "robotic": cash, type new orders (Deliveroo, Ubereats, in and out), bring the bill, cash, clean the tables and greet customers.

And that during 4 hours non-stop.

However, the best part of this job is to "pamper" the customer: create a link, make discover the history of the restaurant, talk about the products and the know-how of the teams.

The problem? All this is possible only during quiet moments and certainly not during peaks of affluence.

A manager was responsible for managing these different aspects without any particular support tool.

One day, the operations manager introduced me to a new service support tool: MIAP, a little yellow cat behind which hides a QRcode linked to an application.

Which solution!

The one that will be able to lighten some of my work while allowing me to spend more time with my customers during peak times: I can welcome customers, install them, talk to them about our products, advise them to find their ideal dish.

I invite them to think about their choice and then scan this little QRcode installed on the table, which allows them to order at any time, and pay directly on the application.

Very quickly I noticed that the customers, the waiters, the cooks were all more organized and that the orders canceled, forgotten, erroneous because of the waiting were more than bad memories.

MIAP was the solution to our problem.

MIAP could help us meet 100% customers and our establishment.

MIAP is in my opinion the future of a new style of catering: catering where we can optimize our time and focus more on customers and their satisfaction.