Save time in your restaurant 

You must save time and free up your servers so that they can meet all of your customers' expectations. So pass the recruitment interview to the ideal employee and change your mind about digitalization. Simply choose MIAP.

And if you recruit the ideal employee in your restaurant!

Your indoor servers always run after time, and it is clear that the search for more productivity is always one of the priorities of restaurateurs. As the manager of a restaurant or cafe, you know that your head waiter has only two arms, and that he cannot manage the reception of your customers optimally, if he has to at the same time anticipate the arrival of a new group or ensure that the tables used by the previous group are cleared. More than in any other sector of activity, out-of-home catering is characterized by a permanent race against time.

In these conditions, how to ask all of your employees to be more efficient, by offering gourmet coffee, which you have just added to your card, or by recommending this new recipe from your star dish. You believe the challenge impossible to take up and yet Miap brilliantly succeeds in offering you the most precious asset: the time necessary to satisfy your customers. You doubt it, then Miap invites you to answer your questions during this recruitment article.

Free your teams with Miap, and focus them on actions with higher added value

Upon arrival, your customers just flash the QR Code on the table, the Miap application presents your establishment to them and highlights your card. Admit, that question of speed, can't you do better? And relax, as Miap speaks all languages and your card is instantly translated into the language of the guests of the day.

Your servers can concentrate on other tasks, rather than repeating the description of the dishes served or the choices over time, which are no longer available at this precise moment. Because of course Miap is responsive, since you update it in real time.

A full-fledged collaborator to strengthen the efficiency of your

Digitize your point of sale with Miap, it is not to do without staff, on the contrary, but rather to allow your servers and other room managers to focus on their core business. The order placed easily and quickly by your customers with Miap is transmitted directly to the tablets of your servers, which only have to send it to the kitchen. This time saving guarantees that everyone can respond more calmly to the specific requests of demanding customers or ensure that the service will be more personalized and user-friendly. In any case, thanks to their new colleague, your servers become more available, and it shows. 

More time available also ensures that your team members get to know the customers of the day better. They are more easily accessible and customer loyalty regains a certain meaning, especially since Miap is strengthening their efforts in this area. With Miap, you know in real time which dishes are the most consumed, but also the age of your hosts of the day…. Definitely, Miap managed to convince you, so hire it without further delay ... 🙂

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