Good resolution n ° 1: increase the frequentation of your restaurant

Traditionally devoted to good resolutions, this start to the year 2020 could mark the realization of one of your dearest ambitions: to increase attendance at its restaurant. Between MIAP and the events to be organized, the solutions exist so discover them!

The entire MIAP team wishes you a happy new year 2020

The holiday rush is over, and you can now think about new strategies to put in place. 2020 to optimize your restaurant. And why not take the plunge and adopt MIAP without further ado for increase attendance from your bar or restaurant. Attract new customers but also increase the restaurant margin, promises kept with MIAP which digitizes your point of sale. Offer digital cards of your restaurant to all your customers, and thus save them time. Discover all the features of Miap to increase the margin of your restaurant and start the year off with a good resolution, which we will help you keep: increase attendance at your establishment.

In the meantime, the entire MIAP team wishes you a happy new year 2020 with lots of success, success and joy. And because every detail counts, we invite you to discover the highlights, which will punctuate this year.


Events to optimize your restaurant by attracting more customers during the first quarter of 2020

Yes MIAP helps you attract these new customers, which will contribute to the improvement of your results, you must also redouble your efforts to animate your establishment, and that passes by a clear and well identified commercial strategy. So discover the highlights of the year 2020 to offer original entertainment and boost attendance at your restaurant and / or your bar.

So, in January after the festive feasts, MIAP helps you prepare the Chinese New Year (January 25). But before that, be imaginative by helping your customers fight against Blue Monday (January 20), the " most depressing day of the year ". Maybe it's time to update your promotions on the MIAP application by offering an aperitif or a discount to the funniest customer in a table?


A commercial calendar to imagine month after month and to highlight with MIAP

Make your promotions and events known through the MIAP application, and your customers will know before you even arrive that you have redoubled your efforts. Indispensable, the Valentine's Day (February 14) remains a highlight of this start of the year and the carnival will be honored both at Venice (February 8) only Rio (February 21). Isn't this the perfect opportunity to organize a themed evening or a disguised meal? In March, Saint Patrick's Day (March 17) ensures you an Irish atmosphere, while you should not forget to highlight your offer for the Women's Day (March 8). So there are already some great animations in prospect for these first weeks of 2020.