Increase the turnover of your restaurant: Attract new customers!

Attracting new customers to its restaurant, one of the keys to success.

Like any entrepreneur, the restaurant owner must optimize his turnover and therefore constantly attract new customers. The objective is simple: increase the restaurant's margin. For this and like many other business leaders, the restaurateur has three main paths to explore (even if he can combine one or two of these tracks):

  • Build customer loyalty by encouraging their guests to return more regularly. It is an effective solution, requiring a specific strategy (an entertainment calendar, a loyalty card, a regularly reviewed restaurant card, etc.)
  • Increase the number of clients.
    To do this, it will be necessary to target the target clientele and reflect
    a well-developed communication strategy. It should be emphasized, however, that by building customer loyalty, a restaurateur also reinforces the importance and impact of word of mouth, a traditional vector that is still just as effective in gaining new customers.
  • Optimizing financial management by reducing expenses
    (overheads, purchases of raw materials, human resources management, etc.) and / or by increasing revenue (more suitable pricing policy, new revenue generated by cross-functional activities,
    increase in the average basket,….)

New customers in a restaurant by meeting everyday expectations

Let us focus for a moment on the means available to the restaurant owner to attract new customers. We will save you (for today, but promised we will come back soon)
enumerating the advantages of targeted communication, whether by printing flyers or advertising brochures or by publishing relevant messages on social networks.
Start by wondering about the answer, which you can give to customers, which you did not know until then. You open your restaurant from 19:00 to 22:30 during the week, so how do the night owls to eat in your city or your neighborhood. Do not think, above all, that the
market is nonexistent. The latest figures confirm this, as an article from Le Figaro recalls. In 2018, "Restaurants open at night" have welcomed 223 million visits for a turnover of 1.12
billion euros. In a somewhat lackluster out-of-home restaurant market, attendance at these night restaurants even exploded from 19 % in 2018.
Not all establishments are affected, but a large part can also benefit from this windfall. By extending the opening hours of his establishment, the restaurant owner chooses to reach new customers. A market study must certainly be carried out to identify the potential of this decision, and sometimes the adjustment of the offer (the card offered late at night can be different from that of the day, the services can be reduced, etc.) . With Miap, optimize this customer management and offer your evening guests an original and comfortable experience.
In any case, by increasing the hourly amplitude of his restaurant by an hour or two, the business manager chooses to increase his base of potential customers and therefore ultimately his turnover. An idea to dig therefore in all cases.

And you, have you ever wondered about extending your opening hours? for what