How to increase the frequentation of a restaurant with digitalization?

Increasing frequentation of the restaurant is a question that concentrates the attention of many chefs and restaurateurs. Solutions exist, and the digitization of your restaurant is certainly an effective and suitable choice.

Why and how does digitalization increase attendance at a restaurant?

The digital transformation of our savings spares no aspect of our daily life, and it is therefore natural that it invites itself to the table of your restaurant or your bar. Not only is this an inevitable phenomenon, but this digitalization will help you to increase attendance at your restaurant with Miap.

To begin with, what exactly is the digitization of your restaurant?

This involves offering your customers your card and your establishment in digital form. On their Smartphone, your customers therefore have access to all your recipes, but also to current promotions or new products that you have imagined. A few clicks are enough to update the map. Your customers can therefore easily find their way around, and some will finally find all the vegetarian recipes you offer or your offer of gluten-free dishes for example. It is an undeniable comfort for your customers, who have time to discover your card.

Digitize to increase restaurant attendance without breaking human contact

And today, giving time remains the most attractive gift you can offer, at a time when we are all in an increasing hurry. However, Miap does not imply breaking this human contact, which is part of the charm of a meal to be shared at the restaurant. In contrast, the vast majority of questions your customers may ask themselves (" I want a meatless pizza "" What desserts are offered with this or that menu? "" Are there large salads? »,…), Find an answer in a few seconds since your customers have access to all the information on your card. They can then order directly through the Miap application but also request a clarification from one of your servers. In any case, it saves time for your customers but also for your employees. Since Miap informs the vast majority of customers, they can focus on service or on actions with higher added value.

How does digitalization increase attendance at the restaurant?

First of all, remember that the digitization of your restaurant allows you to join the digital restaurant community with Miap, which increases your visibility. Then, you offer additional service and comfort to your own customers, who can only be satisfied. Not only do they save time, they also effortlessly discover your entire card. If choosing Miap already ensures you increase the average basket, you delight your guests, who will talk about it around them. And

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective solutions today to increase attendance at your restaurant. So good meals, served in record time thanks to Miap, it is shared, and it attracts new customers.   So decide without further delay!        

 And in your establishment or restaurant, have you already gone digital? What are the obstacles preventing you from taking advantage of all these advantages?