Trends in post-coronavirus restoration

Among the consequences of Covid-19 is the emergence of new business models and trends for the CHR sector in general and for restaurants in particular. 

To cope with these very difficult conditions, restaurateurs had to show great innovation and adaptability. 

Here are some trends that marked restaurant activity during the health crisis.

The Click & Collect solution

The Click & Collect is arguably the number 1 trend in containment. 

This incomparable growth lever allows restaurateurs to increase their turnover and compensate for periods when their establishments are closed. 

By opting for the solution Miap Click & Collect, your customers order their dish via their smartphone, choose the time at which it is ready and then arrive at your restaurant at the corresponding time.

No need to queue anymore,Customers are served directly and go home to enjoy their meal. 

By choosing Miap, you generate more turnover all in attracting local prospects and keeping the link with your current customers

Home delivery

During the Covid-19 period, the home delivery allowed several restaurants to survive in the face of lockdowns.

The French have changed their consumption habits and are increasingly using meal delivery platforms.

Several solutions are available to restaurateurs: a partnership with delivery platforms and applications (such as Just Eat or Uber Eats), offer an internal delivery service, development of special menus for delivery, catering services, etc. 

Digitization of restaurants and contactless technology

To adapt to new standards of hygiene and social distancing, restaurateurs have increased the use of digital in their establishments.

Thereby, Miap offers you support in the digitalization of your restaurant by offering you a wide range of innovative and practical digital solutions. 

Miap creates you a customizable digital menu 100% which is not only updated in real time, but also translated into 8 different languages. Your customers will only have to flash the QR code which is on their table, view your card, place their order and then pay their contactless meal, always from their smartphone

On the other hand, several restaurateurs have decided to install self-service ordering kiosks in order to streamline order taking and minimize the too close contact between clients and servers

Reassuring for customers, these kiosks display the restaurant menu on touch screens and allow ordering in a fluid and interactive way.

Online payment, digital menu, QR code, order terminals... the use of these digital levers has several advantages for restaurateurs: ensure expedited table service, allow servers to focus more on customers, to offer a better customer experience, minimize the risk of contamination ...

Rise of the “Dark Kitchen”

The " dark kitchen " or ghost kitchens are more and more popular with the current health context. This new restaurant concept is entirely dedicated to the delivery of dishes, without the existence of physical points of sale.

Several restaurateurs have chosen to opt for this business model because it allows them to maximize their turnover and focus on the quality of their dishes while limiting risks and constraints management of their establishments. 

Zero waste cooking and local sourcing

With the health crisis and confinement, restaurant owners have seen their profits decrease considerably. To save money and reduce losses, several anti-waste initiatives were taken such as the use of leftover ingredients, the investment in more economical devices, the use of reservation software to reduce the number of “no-shows” and unsold surpluses, etc. 

On the other hand, the health crisis has highlighted the global interdependence of consumption. With the decrease in import levels, we are experiencing a strong push for a more local agricultural production. Now, customers want to know where the ingredients for their dishes come from. Faced with this demand for transparency, restaurateurs are called to sourcing locally and more responsibly.

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