8 logiciels de base pour une gestion optimale de votre restaurant

8 logiciels de base pour une gestion optimale de votre restaurant

Optimal management of their establishment: this is the priority of any restaurant owner! On the other hand, this task turns out to be quite complex. 

Inventory and order management, hygiene rules, collection, delivery ... the challenge for the restaurant owner is to effectively manage all aspects of his activity. 

The solution ? Use different software to automate these tasks and thus save time and money.

Order management software

Managing orders is more than essential, especially with the spread of Covid-19. For it, Miap provides you with a interactive platform and customizable 100% which allows you to manage and automate your orders while keeping track of your sales. 

With Miap, offer your customers the comfort and convenience of ordering online while optimizing your order-taking system!  

Cash register software

In the digital age, owning cash register software is no longer an option. This tool is your excellent ally to run your restaurant well.  

A cash register system allows you not only to save time, control your establishment and optimize your cash flow, but also to manage your stocks and secure your transactions with the possibility of analysis and monitoring in real time. 

Software like Zelty, Simphony pickups, Tiller… Can help you greatly.

Miap integrates natively with your cash register software, and adapts to your work habits.

Miap can also work very well without integrating into your cash register system and therefore provides you with the necessary equipment and the appropriate tools to optimize your service (printers Star Micronics, tablets, QR codes, etc.) and your accounting management (personalized reports, generations of Excel files, analysis Dashboard, etc.)

Digital payment methods

Say goodbye to long lines at the cash register and unhappy customers with payment solutions from Miap

Using their smartphone, your customer scans the QR code  who sits on the table, consults your menu, places an order, and finally, pays directly via the mobile application Miap

Miap also offers you all the other possible payment methods such as bank cards, restaurant tickets, holiday vouchers ANCV, Apple Pay, cash, ...

Customer loyalty software

Thanks to the clean, intuitive and customizable professional interface of Miap, your customer database is continuously updated and is accessible at any time in a dedicated dashboard.

You can schedule and distribute your promotions, push notifications and SMS campaigns to your customers while offering them personalized offers. 

With Miap, retaining and attracting customers has never been so easy! 

Hygiene management software

Today and more than ever, hygiene standards must be scrupulously observed. To avoid food scandals that can lead to the closure of your restaurant, several players such as Traqfood, Kooklin and Epack Hygiene help you to comply with all imposed hygiene standards. 

Delivery management software

With the post coronavirus context, the delivery has become a real growth lever for restaurants. By entering into a partnership with a delivery provider such as UberEats, you can manage your deliverers, reduce personnel costs, increase your number of customers, increase your visibility and facilitate the management of your orders. However, this obviously incurs additional costs. 

In addition, you can develop your take-away system alongside the delivery service by activating the solution. click&collect of Miap.

HR management software

Staff management is essential in the CHR sector. Recruitment, planning, monitoring, generation of payslip, management of absences… several solutions are at your disposal to make your task easier.  Software like Skello, Snapshift or Netresto help you manage your HR process as efficiently as possible.  Here you are, you are now equipped with the necessary tools for the good management of your restaurant.  You have questions ? You wish to have information on the services and solutions of Miap? Do not hesitate to us contact and ask us for your free demonstration.

Logiciel de gestion des réservations

 Gérer ses réservations à la main est fastidieux, peu pratique et représente une perte de temps pour tous les gestionnaires de lieux. Pour remédier à cela, il existe des logiciels qui permettent de centraliser les demandes de réservations et ainsi faciliter le quotidien des gérants de bars et de restaurants.
C’est le cas de JOY, une solution complète qui prend en charge toute la gestion de vos réservations, de la réception de la demande à l’organisation de votre lieu pour accueillir l’événement. Cet assistant digital permet de booster vos demandes de réservations de groupes (+ 30% en moyenne !) grâce à l’ajout d’un formulaire de réservation sur vos réseaux sociaux et vous propose en complément une interface intelligente pour les gérer efficacement : agenda de vos réservations, suivi des demandes, messagerie directe avec les clients, outil de création de devis, caution en ligne… Tout pour faciliter votre quotidien et vous faire gagner du temps !
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