ANCV: can holiday vouchers generate more customers for you?

Holidays for everyone? Really ? The National Holiday Checks Agency ANCV helps to encourage as many people as possible to go on vacation. The checks ANCV issued allow the payment of expenses for stays and trips in France and the French overseas departments and territories.

The ANCV offers its checks in several versions:

  • Checks in paper format, in the form of a checkbook composed of denominations of 10, 20, 25 and 50 €;
  • The E-checks, which are still valid but are no longer produced, because they have been replaced by connect checks;
  • The connect checks, usable via an application, to pay from 20 €, to the nearest cent.

But… my clients are not necessarily vacationers! Good news, you won't have no need to wait for the holidays to cash ANCV holiday vouchers ! These vouchers are in fact intended to allow more French people to have access to tourism and leisure, and can be used throughout the year in different structures.

Gain visibility

To make yourself known to all Chèque-Vacances users, the ANCV guarantees you a presence in the Chèque-Vacances Guide and provides you with tools (stickers, logo for your website or your advertising, etc.).

A simple procedure

Are you interested in expanding your customer base? Whether get your agreement or to have you reimbursed for the Holiday Vouchers collected, the ANCV offers simple and proven operation.

If you join the ANCV network, your name will appear on the partner list and you will have access to a host of features, such as:

  • Cashing Connect Holiday vouchers;
  • Customize your presentation page on the website leguide.ancv.com ;
  • Track your reimbursement requests;
  • Update your account data and your banking data;
  • Download your payment slips;
  • Download the communication tools made available to you.

Is it possible to have more customers thanks to holiday vouchers?

Thousands of potential customers, benefiting from ANCV checks, seek to use them, and therefore to find establishments that accept them. For your restaurant, hotel, bar, bistro, as for many other types of business, taking the step of accepting ANCV holiday vouchers is a fast way to increase your clientele. A clientele that benefits from power pay for a meal or a hotel stay cheaper thanks to the subsidy from your company

With more than 1000 active partners, ANCV records more than 15M € generated by connect vouchers! 

Miap & ANCV holiday vouchers: a winning partnership

Miap is here Only solution order online accepting ANCV holiday vouchers. Your customers can consult your menus and order online, choose their means of payment among many possibilities, and even use their holiday vouchers! Why would they go elsewhere? Above all, they will have the opportunity to discover your CHR via the Miap platform, but also via the ANCV guide.

Double visibility for your CHR, a double advantage for your customers!

You are not yet part of the Chèque-Vacances network?

How to proceed ?

It's simple ! Go to the space dedicated to you: https://espace-ptl.ancv.com/

Click on "create my account" and let yourself be guided.

ANCV check: a solution to save the season?

In 2019, 4.4 million employees (10 million with their families) were able to benefit from holiday vouchers to finance their vacations or leisure activities.

The total amount of holiday vouchers issued has reached 1.67 billion euros, i.e. an increase of 2.4% compared to the previous year.

More than 150 professionals out of 210,000 ANCV service providers are equipped to be able to accept the holiday e-voucher (more than 1,000 active professionals : update in January 2021). 

In partnership with the ANCV, the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, launched the operation "A holiday checkbook to the aid of Tourism" to encourage the revival of tourist frequentation.

Each citizen meeting the criteria defined by his community will receive 500 euros from Connect Holiday vouchers.

In total, it's 10 million euros for the tourist industry!

ANCV as a means of payment

You can integrate the Connect Holiday vouchers as a means of payment whatever your sales tool: e-commerce, kiosk, automatic checkout, TPE, etc. 

Log in to your dedicated space https://espace-ptl.ancv.com/using your username and password.

Whether it's your digital menu or your table service, nothing changes for you, except a means of payment fully integrated into your systems and increased customer satisfaction. 

ANCV integrates natively with your tools, even if it is a self-service or a counter service.

Will you benefit your establishment?

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