How to increase the turnover of your restaurant thanks to digitalization?

How to increase the turnover of your restaurant thanks to digitalization?

You're a restorer and you want increase turnover of your restaurant ? You seek to optimize the customer journey in these particular sanitary conditions? With the digitization of your services it becomes possible! Thanks to digitization, several digital tools and innovative offers have emerged, something that has attracted many more customers and therefore allowed to increase profits of several restaurateurs.

Let's discover together in this article a selection of digital solutions to help you boost your commercial performance !

A mandatory presence on the Internet and social networks

Increase sound turnover with the digitization, it is above all to increase its presence on the internet. Who says commercial performance, necessarily think of sales development. Grâce à la création de votre propre site web,  vous attirez plus de clients, touchez une cible plus large et faites connaitre davantage votre restaurant.

Naturally, many will come to try your dishes hence theincrease effectively from your returned.

On the other hand, social networks are also a very effective way to develop your sales.

Did you know ? More than 86% companies are present on social networks! Your competitors have then understood that the presence on social networks is an essential strategic asset to see an increase in their income.

Publish relevant content, disseminate information about your restaurant and your dishes, engage with your customers ... and you will notice a significant increase of yours potential prospects and clients.

Bonus point! Having a website as well as a good presence on social networks returns a strong image and modern of your restaurant!

Pour vous accompagner dans le développement de votre présence en ligne, Privateaser (le site de réservation de bars et restaurant) a créé JOY. Cette solution, pensée comme un assistant digital, vous permet notamment d’intégrer un formulaire de réservation sur tous vos canaux de communication (site internet, réseaux sociaux…), afin que vos clients puissent réserver directement dans votre lieu, vous permettant ainsi d’augmenter significativement vos demandes de réservations de groupes (+ 30% en moyenne !).

JOY va encore plus loin : plus de demandes certes, mais aussi moins de temps passé à les gérer ! Agenda, messagerie directe avec les clients, outil de création de devis, caution en ligne entièrement paramétrable, etc… JOY met entre vos mains un ensemble d’outils qui faciliteront la gestion de vos réservations et le temps passé à les traiter.

The profession of restaurateur should not be taken lightly!

Containment and health crisis, new working hours, endless queues, difficulty in taking and managing orders… restaurant owners face several problems every day. It is therefore not easy to manage their activities while focusing their attention on customers!

Fortunately, Miap - the restaurant owner's best partner - is there to explain how to place your customers at the heart of your digital strategy?

Online booking, Yield management and no-show

Common practice in the CHR sector, yield management allows restaurateurs to adjust their prices according to the attendance rate and the number of customers. Why not opt for the " happy hours " for example ?

You can offer your customers offers for their reservations during low traffic hours.

In addition, put in place a system of online booking will allow your client to reserve their table in a few clicks. Thanks to the solution Miap, for example, you will have all the reservations in front of you in an interactive and personalized dashboard to manage your tables and the flow of your work and your kitchen in an optimal way.

No-show? No worries! Finally, with an online reservation service, you limit as much as possible no-show of your restaurant. The pet peeve of any restaurateur, it can lead to loss of up to 30% of your turnover ! To face it and ensure the arrival of the customer, remind them that they are expected with the sending of SMS or emails and by opting for the system of pre-payment.

You can in this case adjust the menus chosen at the time of booking.

An interactive and personalized 100% interface with Miap

In Miap, we understand the importance of managing your value chain, controlling your activity while ensuring an excellent customer experience and increasing your profits.

For this, we provide you with a integrated space, comprehensive and intuitive that allows you to optimally manage your customers' orders. At Miap, it's tailor-made! Personalized and efficient, our order solutions adapt to your usual tools (tablets, printers or connected to your checkout system).

You can thus focus on satisfying your customers and increasing your turnover.

Offer your customers special and one-off offers

Have you noticed that your restaurant's occupancy rate is low? The solution is to communicate to your customers and prospects special and one-off offers for attract to you and entice them to visit you.

Miap partners benefit from intuitive interface allowing them to send their customers SMS and push notification, discounts and Promotional offers with the possibility of making suggestions and additional sales.

Remember that the goal is for you to fill your restaurant even at the last minute, while maintaining a margin allowing you tooptimize your turnover.

Optez pour le Click& Collect

Given the current sanitary conditions, the Click & Collect is a real source of profit!

In digitizing your card at Miap, your customers have the possibility to consult your menu quickly, order their favorite dishes and then pay from their smartphone or computer.

Once at the restaurant, they directly withdraw their order without having to wait or pay. The Click and Collect it's a time saving and guaranteed agent!

With Miap, your profits are guaranteed!

Miap is € 3 M transactions, 250K orders and 40K active users. It is therefore not surprising that several restaurateurs have chosen to trust us to increase their average ticket by 25% !


Do like them and join our 300 satisfied partners to see explode your business and benefit from all our innovative services!

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