How to increase your margin in catering? A quick and easy solution?

How to increase your margin in catering? A quick and easy solution!


Increasing its margin in restoration is the focus of the attention of many restaurateurs. If the recipes for doing this are well known, there is now an efficient and easy-to-use tool to achieve this, so why go without it any longer?

More customers in your restaurant, or an optimized margin? How to choose ?

You strive, on a daily basis, to attract more customers to your restaurant or bar. Increase the number of visitors to your restaurant allows you to increase your turnover, but have you considered your margin? By increasing the number of promotional offers and good deals to become more attractive to these new customers, you reduce the margins, which nevertheless represent one of the essential criteria for your success. Do not jeopardize the financial health of your establishment, and always remember to properly measure and analyze the impact of each of your business decisions.

Looking after and increasing your restaurant margin, a strategy to put in place

To increase your margin in catering, several possibilities are available to you. You can choose to:

·         Increase your prices (admit, that such a decision is not conducive to your brand image, and that it does not risk attracting new customers to your bar or your establishment)

·       Increase the average basket of your customers (You will then have to increase additional sales, train your servers and your room manager to move upmarket, innovate by offering new services, services, etc.)

·         Optimize your expenses (Find the best value for money for the purchase of raw materials, optimize the working time of your employees, reduce overheads, etc.)

It is a thorough reflection, which you must therefore carry out to achieve your ends. But you can also decide to be more efficient in this area and adopt the ideal solution to increase your margin in catering. How? 'Or' What ? By choosing Miap for your establishment.

Miap, your daily partner to boost your margins

With Miap, choose the digitalization of your restaurant, and allow your customers to view your card even before entering your door. Do not lose any more hesitant customers in search of a restaurant, which will satisfy everyone's desires. And since you can update Miap with just a few clicks, the tips and other operations you decide are instantly visible on the app. You gain customers without even realizing it.

But with Miap, the digitalization of your restaurant is omnipresent, since once seated, your customers can make their choice quietly directly from the application. Your servers are freed and can devote themselves to welcoming, serving and taking care of your brand image. You optimize everyone's working time, and therefore you achieve your goal: increase your margin in catering.

same when your servers are busy, your hosts of the day can consult the menu to order an additional dessert, add a product to a menu or take advantage of the promo of the moment. You do not make it into compote, but Miap helps you increase the average basket of your establishment, and in terms of margin, the result is more than beneficial.

These are some of the advantages offered by Miap, and we will detail many more in future articles.

Miap therefore stands out as THE simple solution to increase its margin in catering.

There is only one step left to take to engage in this winning strategy: install Miap and start increasing your profit in your restaurant today. 

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