Restaurateur: boost your sales with an interactive map

Restaurateur: Boost your sales with an interactive map

The digital menu: an asset for your CHR?

A customer uses his smartphone and seems uninterested in the diners sharing his table. How arrogant do you think?

No cookie-cutter judgment! Maybe he is just browsing the restaurant menu and choosing from the different dishes on offer.

Indeed, 85% of us use our smartphones at the table, so much for good reason!

Miap has bounced back from this observation to offer a digital menu service, ordering and payment via QR code and many other features.

Currently, Miap has more than 500 digitized menus, 300 satisfied partners and 3 million euros of transactions.

You are tempted by the digital experience and you wonder how to offer an attractive menu while being compliant for recovery ?

How can your restaurant menu increase your average ticket? How to gain visibility and attract new customers to the takeover?

Or how do you manage your card to save money?

We discussed these themes with professionals during our April 29 webinar.

Take advantage of this period of forced slowdown to rework your map with the help of their knowledgeable advice.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Imagine your favorite dish. Do you salivate just thinking about it?

Your customers will be more inclined to order a dish if an enticing image accompanies it. Indeed, Consumer 93% believe that photos and videos are a decisive factor in the buying process. On the internet, the illustrated menus bring 25% conversions in addition to simple text menus.

On delivery platforms, algorithms favor establishments with photos.

Leave nothing to chance, call in an image professional who will be able to highlight your dishes.

Indeed, good quality photos on your page can increase your sales by 30%. Contact an agency such asUtopix, who will find, in your region, a professional photographer specializing in culinary matters and in line with your needs.

Pick a style that works for you, whether it's rather strict and traditional or modern and creative.

Have your specialties photographed, taking care to present neat and colorful plates.

The customer must quickly identify what is there. Avoid, for example, dishes in sauce.

Keep the presentation uniform: the eye should be drawn to the content and not to the decor. Add your logo to make your photos unique! 

Still in doubt?

Note that users only remember 10% information read but that this rate rises to 65% if we add a photo!

Professional photos can bring 300% of additional traffic on your website.

A worthwhile investment.

Flexibility and savings

A digitized map Not only does it give you unparalleled flexibility, it also saves you money.

In 2 clicks, you can change a price or delete a dish, highlight a promotion, or even change the logo of your CHR.

No more reprinting a whole bunch of expensive maps or making corrections  tinkered with  that make your menu look less professional. 80% savings on card printing, and sign up for an ecological approach!

Everything is up to date instantly, 24/24, 7/7. No more customer will be disappointed to have ordered a dish which is finally out of stock.

You will no longer accept orders that you cannot fulfill on time because of an absent employee. The digital card ensures you reduced stress, saving time, money, and a quality brand image at all times! The respect of sanitary standards is also ensured, which is an essential element in these particular times.

Average ticket increase

Monsieur Jean orders a dish in your establishment via Miap, he adds it to his basket.

In the next step, he is automatically offered a drink, a starter, a dessert or quite simply a bottle of wine according to his choice. Monsieur Jean lets himself be tempted. Your additional sales are skyrocketing.

Mr. Jean is satisfied, everything went well from the consultation of the menu to the tasting, including the choice of his dishes and the many payment possibilities. Here is a happy customer who will come back or recommend you. Maybe he'll even leave a positive comment on social media.

And on his next order, Miap will be able to suggest dishes according to his preferences.

Personalized recommendations that will lead to more orders.

What to put on my digital card?

You can't just publish a pdf of your paper map. The information would be too dense, unattractive, and if the customer has to scroll too much, he will quickly get bored and click on a competitor's offer.

A digital map goes straight to the point. It presents your flagship dishes, your specialties.

It does not contain too many choices.

It must be attractive, well presented, with beautiful photos. It also makes it possible to publish useful information such as the presence of allergens or the origin of products. Be careful !  

Keep in touch with the customer

Even more during this time, it is important to stay in the hearts of your customers. Stay dynamic and present on social networks. Post pictures of your dishes. Regularly offer promotions or new dishes on your menu and inform your customers, either through an SMS campaign or through PUSH notifications.

Miap allows you to build a customer file that will make these operations easy, and the team will always be at your disposal for any questions or technical support.

By keeping this contact with your customer, you make sure that the next time they think of a pizza, it is yours! He will not choose a pizzeria at random.

No more ancestral cards, make way for digital!

Miap supports the CHR sector. Your interactive menu is offered for any request made before May 15th. You will thus have an interactive and compliant card for the recovery.

Rigid and solid QR codes to place on your tables are provided to you. Quality is ensured both digitally and materially. An augmentation of 25% of the average ticket, a productivity gain of 40% with a tool that adapts to all your distribution channels (social networks, website, etc.). A smart solution that boosts your sales!

Offer all the services of your establishment in a unique digital ecosystem to increase your income and optimize your productivity.

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