With Miap, your customers are at the heart of your digital strategy

Restaurateur: Boost your sales with an interactive map

The profession of restaurateur should not be taken lightly!

Containment and health crisis, new working hours, endless queues, difficulty in taking orders and managing them… restaurateurs face several problems every day. It is therefore not easy to manage their activity while focusing their attention on customers!

Fortunately, Miap - restaurant owners' best partner - is here to help you put your customers at the heart of your digital strategy.

The customer first and foremost!

Knowing how to identify and understand your customer's needs is essential. He must be at the heart of your priorities and seen as a unique person, you must meet their service demands and expectations.

Does he have any fears? Limits ? What are their expectations? What are their needs and criteria for choosing a restaurant?

What makes him come to you? It is important to put yourself in your customer's shoes and ask yourself the right questions to better understand them.


Remember to always listen carefully to your customer! Let him speak and express himself. For him, his problem is unique and requires your attention… Keep it in mind!

Listening also means being close to your customers. This is the key to the success of your digital strategy.

With an ongoing presence on social media and your website, you listen to your customers, constantly interact with them, and collect relevant information.

These will guide your actions and focus your attention on them.

Miap helps you optimize your customer's journey

From arrival at your restaurant until payment, customer satisfaction and experience are at stake!

Beware of long queues!

Avoid making the customer wait for hours!

Thanks to a integrated and tailor-made interface, Miap allows restaurateurs, for a minimum investment of time and money, to manage orders customers and keep waiting time as low as possible.

So with Miap, offer your customers a take out orders or even to consume on the spot is as easy as pie! 

This system is more convenient for you, the restaurateur, and for your client. He can save time, enjoy his meal with confidence and appreciate the quality of your dishes and services.

Thanks to Miap, your customer is the center of attention: everything is there to make them have an excellent time with you.

Enjoy a high quality digital menu with Miap!

Digitization took place at restaurant tables. Entrust Miap with digitizing your card: it can be updated in real time, as well as a translation service in 8 languages.

Miap goes even further! We also provide you with QR Codes present on the tables. Thanks to them, your customers will not only view your menu, but also order and pay online via their smartphone and therefore freely enjoy their experience at your house.

The adoption of Miap's digital menu and QR code solutions made it possible on average to increase the average ticket by 25%! Impressive, isn't it?

A valued customer is a loyal customer

Show your customers that they are important and appreciated! Programming of your promotions and distribution to your customers, discounts and promotional offers, SMS campaigns and push notifications, personalization of offers… with Miap, you have everything to retain your customers!

Remember that acquiring a new customer costs a lot more than retaining an existing one… Think about it! A simple exchange, an attention, a commercial gesture or a satisfaction survey make it possible to enchant him. Even if you face an unhappy customer, listen to them and offer them a quick and effective solution. You will regain her trust and will likely come back.

So retain 100% of your customers with Miap solutions!

Valuation and security of your customers' data

With the digitization, your customers are surely concerned about the security of their personal data and their use, especially when it comes to online payment. It is therefore essential to reassure them and maintain their confidence.

Miap provides you with a multitude of payment methods while ensuring their reliability, without commissions.

Miap has the know-how as well as all the necessary tools to steer your digital strategy and orient it towards a customer-centric approach.

So what are you waiting for? Start your digital adventure and join us and our partners!

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