What role does digitization play in the CHR professions?


Online booking, order taking, organization of tasks, management of customer reviews, enhancement of the quality of its services ... succeeding in mastering all aspects of digitalization in a hyper dynamic and competitive context is not within reach from everyone, well if, with the right partners! 


How does digitalization affect the results of your restaurant, hotel, bar and how to adapt it to the CHR professions? 

Digitization at the heart of the CHR professions

When digitizing the first aspect of your business, you will immediately notice a significant time saving. With its highly efficient tools, digitalization allows you to take orders faster and manage your space thanks to online reservations. As a result, you are more available to your customers and listening to them. 

With digitalization, managing your business has never been easier! Several mobile applications and websites are at your disposal to better manage your activity and make relevant decisions in real time.

Increase in your turnover

As you have certainly noticed, digitalization has given rise to many offers as well as new consumption models in the CHR sector (the click & collect for example), something that attracts more and more customers. Comparators on the internet, the creation of your own website or the development of a mobile application are a great showcase for making yourself known and attracting customers who will then rate your services and create a buzz through word of mouth. 

In summary, digitization is a real opportunity that allows you to generate more turnover!

Customers at the heart of your strategy

With a 24/7 presence on social networks and continuous monitoring, digitalization allows you to collect several data on your customers. This will allow you to better understand them, identify their expectations and ultimately offer them services that meet their needs. 

Improved customer experience

A concept that has clearly developed with the digitization of CHR is the customer experience. This includes all the interactions you have with your customers before, during and after the purchase.

From booking to payment, you must ensure that your customer has a unique and pleasant experience with you.

On the other hand, beware of the negligence of the customer after finalizing the purchase! You must continue to maintain your relationship with him! 

How to measure this customer experience? It's simple, the reviews written by your customers on your mobile application or website are perfect indicators. 

By digitizing your customer relationship, you offer them an authentic experience that they will be happy to share with those around them.

Loyalty of your customers and personalization of your offer

By incorporating digital tools into your business, you interact with your customers who stay in touch with you. 

Digitization develops more proximity to the customer. Indeed, data collection allows you to get to know them better, to communicate better with them and to adjust the offer to their expectations.

Creating your own application, sending personalized emails on interesting offers, developing a loyalty program ... are interesting ways that allow you to develop a special relationship with your customers and thus retain them.

Development of your image and e-reputation

Digitizing also means developing your brand image, improving your reputation and monitoring the market.

The data collected through your website or customer database will allow you to analyze your market, the expectations and needs of your customers. and differentiate yourself from your competitors. By leading you to this key information, you will build a cohesive and strong image. 

Your e-reputation is just as important. The opinions that your customers post on forums, social networks, websites… are an enormous source of information to optimize your offer and customer relationship. The added value of these reviews and the way you respond to them will help to improve both your image and your e-reputation.

With digitization, your reputation is foolproof, especially on the internet where the number of communication media is important. Please match the expectations of your current and potential customers.

Miap: partner of excellence in the digitization of CHR professions

Do you want to embark on the digitalization of your CHR activity but do not know where to start or who to consult? No problem! Miap is here to assist you. 

We provide you with a wide range of services and propose a online demo as well as a digitalization of your card, free of charge.

All in just 48 hours! 

Count on us to support you throughout your journey and to provide you with efficient digital solutions adapted to your needs!  

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