The click & collect, a precious help offered by miap

Click & Collect according to Miap

After a first hard confinement, health protocols set up, we are forced again to see to close our favorite establishments. 

Closed? NO, in recent months, the French have taken new habits : scan QR Codes or order from them and go get their orders! 

Good less expensive that the delivery, the click & collect allows keep contact with your loyal customers, and continue to realize the number business.

Through Miap, access a full offer. Of the menu digitization, to digitization table service through the click & collect. 

Miap adapts to your needs and allows you to overcome this complicated situation but also to prepare for the recovery. 

The government has specified that the click & collect was authorized, both for restaurateurs and consumers; all your customers need to do is pick up their order by filling out their derogatory certificate for "essential purchase". Because yes, this is a first necessity: to eat but also support restaurateurs in this ordeal. 

According to ministerial sources, VSEs / SMEs are under-equipped in digital matters: no website, no digitalization tool.


Set up the click & collect with Miap is a first step, simple and inexpensive: 

  • Unlike delivery platforms, Miap does not take 20-30% fee

  • Of fresh installation and subscription, very largely paid by the digital check implemented in many regions of France (IDF, PACA, etc.)

  • In contrary to delivery platforms, you keep in touch with your customers, they keep coming to see you


You wish maintain your activity during this second confinement? 

Do not hesitate any longer and anticipate the recovery with the most suitable solution for the implementation of a health protocol.


Do not hesitate to contact the team Miap. 

MIAP supports its partner establishments by proposing a complete offer ranging from digitization of table service, when the click and collect (to take away) allowing to multiply sales channels.


Soutien aux bars et restaurants
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