What would a world be without a restaurant?

Consumption patterns in restaurants have been evolving at high speed in recent years with the appearance of new concepts : virtual kitchens Darkkitchen, connected restaurants and innovative food concepts Frichti 

Since the covid-19 crisis, the hospitality sector has engaged in the digital way significantly faster than in previous years by adapting to new consumption patterns and health restrictions.

The converting restaurants to the digital age was a step essential so that a world with restaurants continues to endure:

Click & Collect, QR codes menus and contactless payment are, among others, innovations which helped the actors of the CHR to adapt despite the various restrictions imposed.

Miap has been implementing all of these innovations for 3 years in a range of offers adapted to each type of establishment, thus allowing each restaurateur, hotelier, cafeteria, waiter, barman, cook, to share their know-how and their passions in order to continue to offer us dining experiences that are essential to our culture and our social life.

However, the meal at the restaurant has become a ritual, a need, a must! It creates a circle, that of human relations. It is a place of exchanges, rivalries, conflicts, but above all of sharing and social bond. It is even sometimes a place of spectacle for some. At the restaurant: we eat there, we drink there, we have fun, we feast, we remember, we learn ... Could we live without a restaurant today!

Soutien aux bars et restaurants
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