Simphony microphones: your best ally for reliable and flexible assisted management

Simphony microphones: your best ally for reliable and flexible assisted management

In our last article, we have made you aware of the criteria for choosing a checkout system for your CHR.

You notably discovered Zelty and its many advantages. Now let's take the example of the world famous solution Pickups of the multinational Oracle.

Reliable and flexible system

The POS (a solution that manages sales, customer experience, promotional offers and operational processes) Oracle guarantees you flawless service in the room, online and at home, thanks to the most reliable and flexible system in the foodservice industry. Focus on your customers, not on technology! Oracle Micros helps you manage administration as well as dining and kitchen operations from a single, intuitive cloud-based platform. Let's take a quick and non-exhaustive tour of what it offers you.

Assisted management of your stocks

Oracle tracks your inventory and helps you maintain inventory levels with minimal waste. By leveraging real-time forecast data, it suggests order quantities at the optimum time. It also allows you to connect to your vendors and suppliers. This makes it easy to place new orders, access your invoices online, and more. Miap, an Oracle approved partner, also offers a Back Office Pro to update availability in real time. If your CHR manages its stock on the Oracle POS, an update bundle can be configured.

Personnel management and planning

Knowing that 49 % As staff schedules change after they are posted, this task can be stressful and time consuming. Simphony pickups can make your life easier by planning departments using real-time forecasting and employee data. A solution to solve last minute scheduling problems and reduce overtime costs at all your sites, from any device!

Your staff is always informed, at ease and ready to provide the best possible service. Happy staff makes customers happy! Don't overload your staff and maybe even consider rewarding top performers with the available employee performance reports.

PMS and POS, a winning duo

You are hotel, a casino, a tourist complex, a cruise ship and already own a PMS (a software solution dedicated to hotel management) ?

Are you using Oracle Opera? Micros Simphony fits perfectly!

Everything related to accommodation is perfectly managed by your PMS, but a connection between your PMS and your POS allows you to note all the extras (catering, shop, spa, bar, etc.) and to offer a single billing , understandable and coherent through your establishment.

Your customers will only have to pay the bill at the end of their stay. Easier management for the hotel staff and a more pleasant stay for your customers!

Miap fully follows this philosophy by offering a service available via smartphones even without downloading an application. All day long, Miap accompanies your customers: ordering breakfast as soon as room service opens, iced tea by the swimming pool, meal in the restaurant, cocktail at the hotel bar, cold drink on the beach ... While keeping the freedom to choose between adding fees to their bill hotel or pay immediately.

A powerful order management solution

You manage a gastronomic establishment and at home precision is essential.

Oracle Micros offers a panel of specific solutions via the high customization of KDS kitchen screens and cash register screens to perfectly adapt to the functioning of each establishment.

Oracle MICROS Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) helps reduce preparation times, accelerate order transfer, increase service efficiency. Transparent communication between the kitchen, the reception, the waiters and the bar. Easy order management by color coding.

Accurate tracking of preparation times and order status to speed up service. And even the ability for management to make adjustments based on real-time performance indicators.

If you offer a delivery or click&collect, Oracle Micros KDS is able to instantly display orders taken on site, online or via a mobile application such as Miap.

Classify them orders in order of priority with a touchscreen or a stamp.

Good software deserves good hardware

Oracle MICROS catering POS hardware is all about durability.

It resists the heat, at cold, to the splash, to the falls and intensive use.

In other words, to all the vagaries of the sector. Whether you are a gourmet restaurant or a relaxed atmosphere, an amusement park, a cruise ship, a food-truck, no condition scares the Oracle equipment, which knows how to be as elegant as it is resistant.

You will certainly find what you need among the very rich offer available: a large screen point of sale without moving parts, a robust and compact portable terminal with an autonomous battery during a service, tablets for orders at the table or even self-service kiosks.

Oracle also offers many accessories such as: 

  • Receipt printers.
  • EMV readers for credit cards.
  • Screens visible to the customer. 
  • Cash drawers.

The hardware produced by Oracle also incorporates the very best in processing power, speed, reliability and, above all, security.

High quality customer support always available

Never alone with a question or problem related to your software or hardware, from choice to use. Oracle's offer covers consulting services around the Micros solution to support you step by step in choosing and implementing the checkout solution that best suits you.

And when you're equipped, Oracle's global customer service team is there for you 24/7/365. Whether by phone, email or chat, get your questions answered quickly. The online support library also provides tutorials, FAQs, and restaurant POS optimization ideas.

An open strategy

Micros Simphony is based on an open and secure API running on Microsoft Windows or Oracle Linux, as desired.

In the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, choose from hundreds of fully approved integration partners.

For example, connect Miap very easily to your POS.

The menu of your CHR is automatically aspirated and updated from your POS to Miap. Each table is identified by a QR code unique provided by Miap.

Once the code is configured, the customer scans it and thus accesses the menu and can order directly from his smartphone.

Their order is sent directly to your POS.

Easily customize your catering POS system to suit your restaurant needs!

In short, why Oracle Micros Simphony?

Oracle's POS doesn't just tie together your utility room, kitchen, and back office operations. It identifies opportunities, anticipates trends, reduces waste, optimizes staff management, updates your menu in real time and builds customer loyalty, all from one platform! All this with an open system that allows many integrations.

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