Miap, a simple solution even for hotel complexes


Miap, a simple solution even for hotel complexes

What versatility is shown by a hotel manager! He is on all fronts and manages aspects as diverse as reservations, order confirmations, banquet management, payments and regulations, quality of service, reaction time, residents and non-residents, not to mention customer loyalty, and much more!

The manager becomes a real ace at juggling documents and programs.

Miap, a customized integrated interface and 100 customized %

As a manager, you seek to provide the best possible customer experience in order to increase your income and promote your products, services and benefits.

To target your goals, verify their achievement, and make changes to optimize your results, you use various applications, programs, software, not always compatible and which waste a considerable amount of time. 

Enough, your time is precious! Miap offer you an integrated, complete and intuitive space which facilitates control with a handling in less than 48 hours and which manages your value chain from end to end. 

A homogeneous ecosystem:

A space without your identity?

Not at all ! Thanks to Miap, you can personalize it in the image of your brand. Your colors, your logo, an interface that looks like you! A service available via phones even without downloading an application, or even via tablets and control terminals. 

All day long, Miap accompanies your customers: ordering breakfast as soon as room service opens, cocktail by the pool, meal in the restaurant, craft beer at the hotel bar, cold drink on the beach ...

With the freedom to choose between adding the fee to their total room bill or paying immediately.

Technology that adapts to your current methods

Worried about adapting to a new digital environment?

We offer services integrated into your usual systems, it's up to us to adapt and not the other way around. 

Whether it's your digital menu or your table service, nothing changes for you, except a new sales channel fully integrated into your systems and increased customer satisfaction. 

Miap s'adapted your way, even if it's a self-service or a counter service.

All payment methods are possible (cash, bank card, restaurant vouchers, holiday vouchers ...) and an activity report is automatically generated. 

The promise of results

Miap is more than 3 million euros transactions, more than 250 000 orders, and 40 000 active users.

Join the community and increase your 25% average ticket and your additional sales of 40%.

Our experience coupled with yours will allow us to guarantee a best experience to your customers as well as an increase in your average ticket. 

Our most recent hotel partner: Le Toiny Hôtel 5 * in Saint-Barthélemy

On the island of Saint Barthélémy, a magnificent 5-star hotel, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, a fine sandy beach with cocktail bar and deckchairs, a swimming pool for each suite, and Miap which centralizes all the services to make the client's vacation even more relaxing and unforgettable! 

A solution that increases customer satisfaction tenfold while increasing their average ticket. 

“How do we say "medium rare" in English? ” Maybe your customers are not good at languages, but with Miap they benefit from your interface in 8 different languages! 

No more way to go wrong by ordering the cooking of their meat!

Customers can even get their mouth watering visualizing your dishes before ordering, then take advantage of all of your establishment's specials instead of wasting their time in a line.

With Miap in a hotel environment: a less stressed manager, delighted customers and an increased average ticket

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