Miap simplifies foodcourt management


What does the customer dream of? Escape, travel, discoveries ...

Difficult to achieve this concretely without taking the plane!

But it is possible to take a culinary journey and share a moment of conviviality in a foodcourt.

However… queuing in the middle of a crowd, touching many cards, having contact with different restaurateurs, this can generate fear and make it difficult to comply with health instructions.

How could the client feel safe and calmly enjoy their gastronomic getaway?

A simple and practical digital experience in complete security

The digitization of services provides the customer with both time savings, greater convenience and greater security!

Miap worked the entire value chain foodcourts in order to offer customers and restaurant owners the best possible experience.

Imagine… The customer arrives, he has already been able to consult the list of restaurants and check that seats were available.

He settles down, he scans the QR code present on the table and has access to the cards of all the restaurants. What a feeling of freedom to be able to benefit from a wide choice in complete safety!

He places his order, which is automatically distributed between the different points of sale, and waits at the table, enjoying a good moment of sharing with his friends, his family, without worrying about respecting restrictive distances in a queue. waiting.

Orders from your customers on your usual tools (printer, dedicated tablet, or cash register)

During this time you can receive orders directly on your checkout system.

You do not have any ?

No problem, Miap adapts by providing you with all the material and accounting tools necessary for the operation of your establishment. without changing your work habits.

Offer all possible payment methods: bank cards, meal vouchers, cash, etc.

The moment of payment arrives, the customer does not even need to get up since Miap also offers digital payment via the table's QR code.

Many ways are possible. In partnership with the Agence Nationale de Chèques Vacances, Miap is even the only online ordering solution to accept ANCV holiday vouchers.

A satisfied customer who will be happy to come back

Thanks to all this digital journey, the customer can enjoy their menu stress-free, in peace, and focusing on what really matters: enjoying and having a good time.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

He will not wait until the next time to enjoy a new culinary journey in your foodcourt. 

All this without commitment and without commission

Still hesitating?

Miap offers you a online demo and digitalization of your card, free of charge.

Do you want to try the adventure?

Our services are non-binding and commission-free.

Your map is updated in real time and we can translate your menus into 8 languages, so that your services have no barriers!

Miap, your partner for a safe gastronomic journey. 

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