Shortage of staff of restoration : state of play and possible solutions

Shortage of staff of restoration : state of play and possible solutions

If you have a terrace, the small recovery is already behind you. But the long-awaited opening of the interior spaces has finally arrived as well. 

On June 9, your employees and clients will have the opportunity to meet again. 

If it's almost certain that customers will be there, what about your staff? How did he get through this crisis?

Staff shortage and professional retraining

Professionals in the sector fear a severe shortage and note a flight of personnel to other sectors. 

Some chefs have left commercial or traditional catering to join nursing homes, school canteens or start as home chefs to benefit from less restrictive hours. 

Indeed, one can fear that the staff on forced leave for a year struggling to resume intense schedules, work even on weekends at a frantic pace, after having lived a period when some have literally discovered "normal" life, especially with more time spent with family. Often unattractive salaries do not help. 

Many professional retraining have appeared and the CHR can actually lose many good things. 

The situation is all the more worrying for the sector as the labor shortage is a phenomenon that pre-dated the health crisis. 

In 2018, a survey by the Pôle Emploi counted  286,000 recruitment projects in the hotel / restaurant sector, nearly half of which are deemed difficult to fill .

A figure which risks further widening.

An exciting environment constantly reinvented

However, after this somewhat negative portrait taken from the restaurant world, it should also be noted that most of your employees are passionate! 

They enjoy the adrenaline of the shot, the team spirit and the incomparable feeling of camaraderie and satisfaction experienced after the rush

To work in restoration is to be a merchant of happiness. There are a thousand opportunities to surprise, provide pleasure and create unforgettable moments for customers.

 It's a fact: the restaurant business is as exciting as it is imperfect. Besides, if we love this job so much, we would be crazy not to try to reinvent it! 

And it is in this direction that the creators of Miap, all from the restaurant industry and determined to bring added value.

So, how to become more efficient in order to compensate for the lack of employees, while promoting their development? How to relieve your room and kitchen staff without replacing them but allowing them to concentrate on the most interesting part of their job?

Taking orders without waiting: less stressed servers and satisfied customers

The wait at the table is unpleasant both for customers who may get impatient, or even decide to leave, and for servers who are frustrated at not being able to satisfy their customers. They can be unpleasantly apostrophic and under stress, make mistakes in their orders. 

Miap offers you to relieve them of this time-consuming and stressful task, by offering you a totally adapted tailor-made solution.

By scanning a QR code, your customer will have access to your digital card and will be able to choose their menu at ease.

No more customers frustrated by waiting too long or stressed about having to respond quickly to a waiter under pressure. No more mistakes orders

Indeed, these are transmitted directly to the kitchen. Miap takes care to enhance your dishes while respecting the current health protocol.

 A multitude of customers can place their order at the same time. The waiters can concentrate on welcoming, with a smile, placing customers at the table, providing advice, serving meals and social relations which should remain at the heart of human activities.  

Average ticket increase

The presence of Miap in your team will allow you to optimize your service. 

Do not be afraid to miss the sudden desire of one of your customers, the card is now in their pocket and allows them to consult it and order in a few seconds the small dessert that they had not taken initially for lack of time, to add the cheese supplement of which he was not particularly aware, etc. 

Miap boosts your sales additional and increases turnover : customers allow themselves to take more products because the service is faster and they have more time. The average ticket grows by 25%!

A multilingual partner, never sick and who reads your customers' desires while retaining them

During your customers' order, Miap is always there to anticipate their desires, to offer them a starter with their dishes, a dessert they would not have thought of. 

In addition, your digital card is updated in real time: there is no risk of not being able to serve an ordered dish.

And as a bonus, Miap translates your menus into 8 languages!

No more problem to approach and be at the service of your tourist clientele. 

Each customer will feel at home in your establishment. 

Miap also retains your local customers by offering them special offers, via sms, email or PUSH notifications. 

From order taking to payment (possible with many means), your customers' journey is optimized.

An easy-to-use application, a serene and smiling staff, orders taken and served quickly, this will ensure you will fall in love with your customers.

And who says satisfied customer says customer who comes back and brings people back with him.

Miap, an economical solution that boosts your sales and your customer satisfaction. We take care of the orders and the payment. Take advantage of extra time to welcome and pamper your customers.

Because life is above all about encounters, isn't it?

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