Help at your disposal to face the Crisis

Assistance available to you - Minimum € 500

As we clarified in our communication last week, help are made available to restaurateurs. Valuable aids to face the disastrous consequences of this crisis. From exemptions from charges, the rent relief thanks to the tax credit for the lessor (if the lessor accepts…). And there are in particular helpers aiming to finance long-term investments in digitizing your sales channels. 

Digitize your sales channel it can mean: to be reference on marketplaces (Uber, Deliveroo, etc.). Set up the click & collect, a website / online store, or even digitize your ordering and payment process for table service. The recovery is tomorrow and consumers already used to QR codes can thus be autonomous. 

Your communicationis being present on social networks; have a marketing strategy, send newsletters and make offers.

Today we are all connected, confinements and curfews are increasing this trend. But rather than letting your consumers escape you because the act of purchasing is complicated, facilitate their task ! 

here are some digitalization aids announced by the authorities (regional or national)* :


Set up the click & collect with Miap is a first step. Simple and cheap thanks to these aids, but also because we do not take no commission on orders, unlike delivery platforms. And moreover are not French companies, unlike Miap, French 100% !


You wish maintain your activity during this second confinement? Pto fix at recovery with the solution most adapted to the establishment of a sanitary protocol ?

Do not hesitate to contact the team Miap via our site and / or our social networks.


*The information and the amount of compensation are purely informative and remain to be determined according to your geographical and administrative situation. 

MIAP supports its partner establishments by proposing a complete offer ranging from digitization of table service, when the click and collect (to take away) allowing to multiply sales channels.


Soutien aux bars et restaurants
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