The first tourist destination in the world in quest of staff

The first tourist destination in the world in quest of staff

Its refined cuisine, its paradisiacal beaches, its snow-capped mountains, its emblematic monuments, its breathtaking landscapes, make France the number one tourist destination in the world! Not having been spared by the health crisis, the tourism industry is faced with urgent recruitment issues. Finding staff is essential to ensure a recovery that meets the expectations of tourists for such a popular destination. France has a reputation for tourism to maintain and its quality staff are essential. 

A digital platform for tourism professions

In May 2020, the Interministerial Tourism Council confirmed the launch of a digital platform for tourism professions. With the support of the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, AKTO, AFDAS and OPCO EP, Pôle Emploi, the French Institute of Tourism developed and coordinated the implementation of this named platform Tourism employment. 

On June 2, 2021, during the meeting on the revival of Tourism and the priorities of the State organized by Emmanuel Macron, it was a question of addressing the next stages of the revival and the contribution of the Tourism Employment platform to the promotion of jobs in the Tourism sector.

Objectives and attractiveness


Emploi Tourisme aims to promote the attractiveness of the sector, to show the wealth of career possibilities and trade bridges and to allow candidates to find a job corresponding to their desires.


Upon arriving at the site, the visitor immediately feels engaged. He can either immediately look for work according to his profession and also see development prospects, or discover different professions according to criteria such as the field of activity that interests him, his level of study, his years of experience, his desire for contact with customers or not, his desire to practice foreign languages or his aspiration to lead a team. The intelligent search also allows him to find a job according to the job sought, the type of contract (CDD, CDI, temporary assignment, seasonal, etc.), location and sector of activity.

A rich and varied offer

Emploi Tourisme, the new tourism business platform, now offers more than 50,000 jobs to be filled immediately in the sector, 90 detailed job descriptions, 150 career paths offered within the sector. The goal? Encourage the revival of employment and promote the tourism industry.

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