The note is salty; bars close from 10 p.m.

Let's support the French savoir vivre!

A measure not understood by the majority of public opinion, the bars close from 10 p.m. starting today (Monday September 28) will once again impact the universe of CHR.

The entire value chain is affected; in the front line the bars, even the restaurateurs, but also their suppliers, the logistics operators, etc.

This measure aims to stem the epidemic of Covid19, but will certainly be catastrophic for 2020 sales of the establishments concerned. After 3 months of confinement, this new blow of the club stuns and it is important to mobilize.

Consumers, suppliers, restaurateurs, we must support our French savoir vivre. 

Civil disobedience is not a solution. Opening illegal bars will not solve the problem of Covid19.

We must therefore overcome these difficulties with new tools and of new organizations.  

MIAP supports its partner establishments by proposing a complete offer ranging from digitization of table service, for opening hours, when setting up the click and collect (to take away) allowing to extend the opening hours, and multiply sales channels.


Soutien aux bars et restaurants

These solutions are real “barrier gestures”, in fact the manager protects his customers and his employees:

  • No longer touch the menus 
  • Limit the queue and respect social distancing 
  • Avoid touching the bill, the payment terminal, etc. 

But these solutions are also and above all of real sources of turnover, across the additional sales carried out, the multiplication of channels sales, and improving turnover rate tables.


The digital maturity in the sector has grown dramatically both on the consumer side and on the professional side of the CHR.

  • For those who have installed QR codes referring to a PDF menu, consider upgrading your offeryou will see the added value very quickly. On average our partner establishments increase their average ticket by 25%.
  • For those who have not yet passed the milestone QR codes, put your own, because you risk pass next to the next one revolution industrial we must not stay with the steam engine when we are on the way to the hydrogen engine!
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