Deconfinement: key dates and milestones for CHR

Deconfinement: key dates and milestones for CHR

As fast as possible, as slowly as necessary. 

This sentence from a Swiss Federal Councilor made the buzz last spring and perfectly illustrates the patience that the populations must show in the face of this pandemic which plays a role in prolongation. But the light finally appears at the end of the tunnel, especially for restaurateurs. A reopening plan was announced by Emmanuel Macron. We tell you all about key dates.

Reopening of the terraces

Since May 3, the 10km rule has been repealed and daytime travel certificates are no longer necessary. The curfew is still maintained at 7 p.m. From May 19, shops and the terraces of bars and restaurants will be able to reopen, with a limitation to half of their capacity and tables of 6 people maximum. Patios with fewer than 10 tables are exempt from the 50% rule. However, they must be equipped with screens or plexiglass between the tables. The terraces will be able to provide their services especially at noon since the curfew will certainly be delayed until 9 p.m., but still in force. Your customers will be more inclined to go out since, from this date, they will also be able to go to museums, cinemas, theaters and sports halls.

What aid continues?

Do you have a terrace? You hesitate to reopen it? It would be legitimate for you to worry about the uncertainties linked to the weather, the loss of turnover and the reintroduction of expenses without knowing the income. To reassure you, and encourage you to reopen, the solidarity fund will be available from June without condition of loss of turnover. “From June to August, the solidarity fund will be open to all tourism stakeholders regardless of their loss of turnover,” said Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire. "The partial unemployment system will also be maintained at least until August, but with degressive support", underlines Le Figaro.

Complete reopening

And the long-awaited date: the June 9. While keeping a limit of 6 people per table and of 50% of reception capacity, cafes and restaurants will be able to completely reopen their interior spaces. The terraces can open at 100 % of their capacity, but always with tables of 6 people seated. You can also count on the presence of foreign tourists since the borders will reopen for them, subject to the health pass (the form and conditions of which are still to be determined). The curfew will also be moved to 11 p.m., which will allow your customers to benefit from the beautiful evenings at the end of spring and the beginning of summer in your CHR, and to ensure your evening service again in a pleasant way. Since the June 30th, the curfews and gauges in restaurants will be completely repealed, subject to a favorable evolution of the health situation. Consumption and service at the bar will remain prohibited and barrier measures will still be in effect.

What about hotel restaurants?

Currently, sanitary measures require hotel guests to eat in their rooms. From May 19, the hoteliers can reopen their restaurants (indoors at 50% and on the terrace at 100%) only for their customers. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can, from this date, be served again in the restaurant, to seated customers.

From June 9, hotel restaurants will be able to reopen to customers outside 100% of their capacity, both on the terrace and indoors.

Delivery and click and collect

The service of click&collect and home deliveries are obviously still possible.

The withdrawal of orders by customers can take place until 7 p.m., then until 9 p.m. from May 19, and finally until 11 p.m. from June 9. Delivery services are free to set their schedules, but must respect the health precautions decreed by the government.

Sanitary protocol

From the reopening of May 19, the following protocol must be applied:

  • Wearing a mask on arrival at the restaurant and for getting around
  • Hand disinfection with hydro-alcoholic gel
  • 6 people per table maximum
  • 50% of the reception capacity
  • Respect for barrier gestures

Other measures, such as the distance of one meter between tables, the obligation to post a QR code when entering the establishment, the return of the reminder booklet, or the implementation of an environmental strategy to control air quality in each ERP (Establishment Receiving the Public) were mentioned but not still confirmed. Stay tuned for further details.

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