In recent years, online booking sites offering customers to leave reviews have multiplied. If you are a restaurateur, you know that the management of these comments has become essential to the reputation of your establishment. You may also have noticed the appearance of false positive or negative comments from your competitors or even unjustified comments from dissatisfied eternal customers. However, you have to take the time to take an interest in it, at the risk of your reputation falling.

We give you 6 tips to respond to bad comments about your restaurant.


1. Reply to all messages

To start, the 1st rule is to reply to all messages, without exception. You need to personalize your messages. There is nothing worse than receiving an automatic message that does not correspond to the remarks made. To help you, you can provide several response models, leaving room for personalization. Make the effort to go further than just personalizing the first name.

2. Take a step back

Positive messages are always easier to read than those of bad experiences. We understand that, you spend a lot of time in your establishment, you put your whole heart into it. However, you need to step back and not respond emotionally.

3. Be positive and caring

Remember to thank when you are complimented. If you manage to give a positive and benevolent tone to your responses, especially to negative comments, you leave this impression to all who read them. You can also finish your answer by asking the dissatisfied customer to come back to give you a second chance.


4. Respond point by point

If one of your customers takes the time to explain several points from their experience with you, they expect to have an answer for each. So take the time to read and respond to each point.


5. Use humor

Faced with unjustified comments or for which you have big doubts about their veracity, humor can be a good answer. Be careful, however, to use it in small doses and with caution.


6. Take the comments into account

The best advice we can give you is to listen actively to the comments of your customers. Give feedback to your teams so they can improve. For example, if you have comments about baking errors, you can instruct your servers to note the baking requested and in the kitchen so that the requests are met.


6 bis. Report abuse

In the case of abusive comments, you can report them to the site. Site administrators can delete them. Do not abuse, the majority of booking or review platforms will check both versions before arbitrating.


To conclude

You will understand, there is nothing very complex to know to manage the reputation on the internet of his restaurant. As in “real life”, you must be attentive and kind. The customer is not King but as he does your business, you cannot neglect his satisfaction. Don't be fooled, it's easier to spit venom behind a screen. But be stronger, and use your loyal customers to "defend" yourself. Do not hesitate to encourage them to leave comments on the sites in which you are a partner.

You can also invest in digital to help you optimize your business and improve customer satisfaction.

Share with us your experiences, our co-founder and Marketing Director can also advise you in the comments below.