Miap is back in Bordeaux the weekend of June 16, 2018.

In partnership with the Makito restaurant,

we organize an event on Saturday evening in their restaurant from 19h to 21h

to discover or simply enjoy our services via the mobile application Miap.

Makito is a restaurant or rather a "Fast Fusion Good" with original and innovative concept. The principle is to merge flavors from around the world. This is how they created their famous "Makito" that is to say a giant maki with the look of burrito in which we find any type of recipe, ranging from chicken tikka massala to marinated tuna. They also offer their recipes in the form of Bolito, the equivalent of poké bowls, very fashionable dish at the moment.
The name of the dishes is as surprising as their composition but the taste is at the rendezvous! Perfect for changing routine, having fun and maybe even traveling for a meal.

During our event, it will be possible to order and pay your makitos or bolitos via our application, downloadable on IOS and android. No need to wait, thanks to Miap you can eat quickly and easily.

The advantage: save time and enjoy the moment!

Miap is coming back soon in Bordeaux, do not hesitate to speak about us around you to make us known! Bar, restaurant, favorite coffee ... we take all recommendations. Our team is at your disposal!

67 courses Victor Hugo, 33000 Bordeaux
06 18 22 14 73

Register on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/1004182176406370/