Increase the turnover of your restaurant

Attracting new customers to his restaurant, one of the keys to success Like any entrepreneur, the restaurant owner must optimize his turnover and therefore constantly attract new customers. The goal is simple: increase the restaurant's margin. For this and like many other business leaders, the restaurateur has three main avenues […]

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As the manager of a very busy restaurant, I learned to be versatile and responsive to best perform all tasks: Ensure the smooth running of the service Build loyalty and develop customers Control menus and products by being efficient as regards the disposal of the stock of products Participate in all operations, […]

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Miap joins forces with Organïk for its Opening Party

Miap is joining forces with Organïk for its Opening Party this Saturday, June 8, 2018 in Paris! The Miap team offers a royal service to artists and their guests who come to play for a better planet! Organïk is the alliance of two musical universes committed to the planet. For its Opening Party, two stages were installed in […]

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The geeks' favorite restaurants and bars

Tulutu tututu tu ♫! You guessed ? See you at the end of the article for the answer! Today is the day of the geeks, but what is a “geek”? This is a person whose passion revolves around technology, computers and video games, so no more prejudices, being a geek is not a […]

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6 tips for responding to reviews about your restaurant

In recent years, online reservations sites offering customers to leave reviews have multiplied. If you are a restaurant owner, you know that managing these comments has become essential to your establishment's reputation. You may also have noticed the appearance of false positive or negative comments from […]

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The 5 lowest-calorie cocktails

Summer is coming and when we talk about summer you think of the sun, the heat, the dream body for which you have worked so hard, but also the good cocktails… You tell yourself that cocktails will only be in moderation for you, because it is impossible to drink while keeping the figure, and then after all, you […]

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